The Beginner Guide To Road Bikes

image of road bikes for beginnersIf you are looking for a fun form of exercise, you may want to consider road biking (meaning you ride a road bike) a something that is interesting and that will allow you to meet new people. This type of workout is something that will require a great deal of dedication from you. You will need to set aside a certain amount of time each week in order to achieve your goals.

In fact, one of the things that you will need to do is set some goals. This will depend on many factors, including your current health and even your geographical location. For instance, you may be near competitions that you would like to enter once you have enough practice under your belt. If you have any health conditions, you will need to talk to your primary care physician before you start any type of exercise routine in order to ensure that you are healthy enough for it. This is a good idea, even for those who believe that they are reasonably fit. You may discover that you are deficient in a certain vitamin or have some other health concern that you are catching early by visiting your doctor.

So, once you have been cleared to begin this form of exercise, you will need to make sure that you have all of the right equipment. Obviously, you will need to have a bike. If you are new to the hobby, or do not have a great deal of money, do the best you can to purchase a high quality bicycle. One place that you may be able to get a good name brand at a reduced rate is through your local classified ads. Also look for yard sales and at second hand stores if your budget is particularly limited.

Road Bicycle Intro –  Video Overview

In addition, you will need to have the right clothing and footwear for the occasion. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can use substandard footwear because you are biking and not walking or running. The fact is that your feet are still undergoing a great deal of stress and work while you are riding your road bike.

Your clothing needs to be layered appropriately for the local weather. Make sure you have proper storage for any layers that you need to remove.

Additionally, you should have a way to transport plenty of water and some calorie dense snacks. Trail mix and things with a combination of high protein and carbs is generally a good idea. Look for dried fruits instead of candy though for the carb component. The protein is essential for long term energy, so do not skip it or your sugar levels could drop dangerously while you are on the road.

Talk to others in your area who have experience with road bikes. You may be able to join a formal or informal road bicycle group that likes to travel together. It is also a good way to meet other people who are interested in road bikes.

Do not forget to get some safety equipment before you get on your bike the first time. Although you may be tempted to skip it, especially if you are just taking the bike for a test run, this is a mistake. You need to have the proper headgear that adheres to your state and local laws. Protection for your elbows and knees is also advisable when riding road bicycles.

Beginner Road Bike Wrap Up

If you are interested in a fun way to be healthier, then you should definitely consider taking up road biking today. You will meet other people and have a fantastic time increasing your health and your social circle.